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Drum plugins are categorized usually in 2 different ways, some emulate old school hardware and others others offer an original take on the concept and produce unique and more original sounds than what you might be used to hearing. One great example of an old school hardware plugin that recreates all the functions and sounds of the machine it emulates is the D16 by Nepheton. It's a fantastic emulation of the Roland TR-808 with some added bells and whistles.

All the drums do have extended controls, which include the Sweep knob for the kick and the snare’s Decay knob, which also lets you make the sound as tight or as loose as you like. Most of these emulations sound pretty authentic: analogue modeling is used for all of the 909 sounds. You can mix and match sounds from different kit with most of these drum plugins and synths. They won’t replace a real drummer or even become your primary source of club beats, but it should appeal to anyone looking for interesting, original percussion for experimental genres, or those seeking the kind of flexibility, customization and on-the-fly tweakability to which synthesis is ideally suited.

Along with comprehensive looping and sampling capabilities, this is more than a typical drum machine that is found in most hardware formats. That said, it is particularly suited to producers who work in hiphop and r&b. For example, if your ideal product is an MPC, take the BPM VST plugin for a spin. Whether you want to work with loops or single hits, this is a powerful beat-making solution that comes with high-quality slicing, mixing, sampling, automation and effects tools. It can get pretty intense, but if you want to go deep with your electronic beat-making, it’s one of the best plugins on the market.

If you're looking to expand your sound or even come up with a beat or 2, there's really an unlimited about of software VST and Audio Units out there for you to experiment with. There are also plenty of sites out there to get them, but here are some awesome free vst plugins that you can try out for yourself. The sound quality on these plugins is amazing, and also a great place to start when building up your track or drum kits.

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